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  • WildWash In Europe

    WildWash is sold in the European Markets

    Happy New Year to all! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. We can’t wait to kick off 2015. We have lots of events lined up this year. Please check out our events page on the website. We will be represented in Europe by our distributors Fair Paws. They will be exhibiting WildWash at the following international dog shows at the start of the year, with lots more shows to follow:

    January 10th and 11th  at the LKV Dog Show in Genk Belgium

    January 24th and 25th at the Union Canine Mouscronnioise in Mouscron, Belgium

    February 6th, 7th, and 8th at KC De Kempen Dog Show in Holland

  • WildWash Partners with Redcape

    WildWash Redcape Partnership Annoucement

    At WildWash, our natural grooming range is used by professionals all over the world with amazing results. Our professional clients are very important to us and therefore we are very excited to report that we have made our range more accessible by partnering with Redcape, who, in our opinion, are the one of the most reputable Grooming Suppliers in the UK.

    Redcape are distributors and suppliers of premium quality products for professional groomers, handlers and show kennels and they have been involved in the Dog Show world for over 20 years.

    We chose them to distribute WildWash as we think that their knowledge of products and attitude to customer service is very similar to ours, and their standard of service, support and after sales consideration is impeccable.

    Redcape chose us because like our customers, they believe fully in our brand. We wanted to make a natural and safe pet shampoo range that was kind to our pets, kind to us, and kind to our environment. Our products work wonderfully and the benefits of using our range are endless. We receive daily testimonials from customers all over the world thanking us for bringing this range to market.

    WildWash also partners perfectly with Redcape’s Hydrobath Pro range as our products have no sulphates which produces a low lather and is highly effective.

    Our Customers will still be able to purchase our products through WildWash directly if they wish. However, the convenience of ordering through Redcape will mean that they will be able to combine their WildWash order with other grooming supplies bought from Redcape and therefore benefit from lower delivery costs.

    WildWash and Redcape are very much working as a team and any WildWash products bought through Redcape will receive our full customer support too. Laura Butcher, our head of sales, will join Redcape at their shows and fully support any sales through Redcape.

    We are very excited about this partnership and we are looking forward to a great working future together.

    For more information on Redcape, please visit:


  • A Christmas Suprise – Gift Packs

    Wild Wash Christmas perfect pet gift pack

    We are so excited that Christmas is nearly upon us. I haven’t told our children yet, but we are going to surprise them with a beautiful girl French Bulldog Puppy on Christmas Day. We’ll blog lots of pics of the new arrival and I am sure it will be a messy Christmas in our house! We will be keeping our four legged friend out at The Mutz Nutz Pet boutique in Notting Hill of course!

    For those of you that have still not decided on all your presents yet I would definitely recommend our WildWash Gift Packs. They are stylishly presented in a gorgeous WildWash bag and contain all the must have natural grooming items that have made WildWash so popular. Choose between our Fragrance No.1 or Fragrance No.2 Shampoo and Perfume and also get our Shea Butter and Rose Oil Conditioner and our Healing Paw Balm. Our furry friends will look and smell better than us on Christmas Day….. unless you borrow some of course!!!!!

    Wild Wash Christmas pet gift pack
    (click on image above for full view)

    Wild Wash holiday pet gift pack for dogs and cats
    (click on the image above for full view)

  • The Buzz On WildWash – Baby Buzz Magazine Pet Product Review

    We are used to WildWash getting a good write up in animal magazines, but we were really happy to see it on the pages of Baby Buzz magazine, a magazine to help mothers through pregnancy and beyond.

    The reason this brought such a smile to the WildWash team was because pregnancy was how WildWash came about!

    Whilst being pregnant I carried on grooming. I was worried about the products I was using and when I looked into the products further, I realised there were no regulations for non-pharmaceutical pet products, which meant that the grooming products I used did not have to show ingredients, best before dates, have stability testing or anything. Basically they were unregulated and could well be dangerous for me to use whilst being pregnant. I did contact the manufacturers but as they didn’t have to give me any information I was none the wiser. It was at that stage that I stopped grooming, and WildWash was born!

    We were dedicated to creating a brand of Pet Shampoos and Cosmetics that were as good and if not better than a product you would be happy to use on yourself. We wanted to create a natural pet product that used the same regulations as a human product. We wanted to be totally transparent and list all our ingredients even though we didn’t have to. I think we succeeded! Thank you Baby Buzz Magazine for bringing back such a great memory. For more info visit:

    Baby Buzz Magazine gives pawsome review of WildWash Luxury Pet Shampoo Care