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  • WildWash In Korea

    WildWash In Korea News

    WildWash is going down a storm in Korea. We were very happy to see our our gorgeous Fragrance No.1 Perfume grace the pages of Elle magazine. They obviously have good taste!

    We are also very happy about our partnership with the Korean Animal Welfare Association.

    We are now very much looking forward to launching the range at the K-Pet Fair show in March and expect much interest.


  • Wild In Experience Yet Tamed For Hands

    Before and After Experience Using WildWash Pet Shampoo Line

    At WildWash we are used to getting lovely testimonials from our clients, but this one made us especially happy this week and we thought we would share it with you.

    “Just thought I would let you know how I was getting on. My WildWash arrived Monday afternoon and I started using it immediately. The difference in my hands, even at the end of the day was unreal. I have attached a picture of my worst hand at the end of last week and a picture today of the same hand. The first photo doesn’t show just how bad it was. To put it into perspective, I wasn’t able to bend my fingers or wrist without it causing pain because they were so dry, chapped and sore. Amazing shampoo :)”

    Emma at Lisburn Dog Groomers

    My hands before using WildWash Pet Shampoo Product  My hands AFTER using WildWash Pet Shampoo Product

  • Fragrance No.3 Launch for WildWash

    NEW WildWash Product Line for Fragrance No.3

    We have launched our Fragrance No.3 Range and it is amazing! It smells absolutely divine, my favourite scent to date. It has a warm lingering spicy aroma that is truly beautiful.

    In our shampoo for Beauty and Shine Fragrance No.3 with Sweet Orange, Coriander and Cedarwood, the Coriander encourages hair growth and reduces inflammation, whilst Sweet Orange Oil naturally calms and works together with the Cedarwood to help repel fleas.

    The label for this fragrance no.3 is copper and silver metallic and looks as gorgeous as it smells. Why don’t you try it for yourself??!!

    WildWash Fragrance No.3 Product Launch Picture(click on image for full view)