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  • Mrs Sizzle


    We met Mrs Sizzle AKA Suzanne Donaldson through our instagram account (definitely worth following). We then logged on to her amazing blog about animals, photography, fashion, products and rescue.

    It’s super interesting and creative. We love her style and her ethos.

    This week she has written an awesome article on travelling with dogs. Our Fragrance No.3 Perfume with it’s natural flea repellants is a must!! To read the blog visit:

  • WildWash Loves Korea

    Pet Fair Korea WildWash

    WW-Displayed-LouisPetBoutique1 WW-Displayed-LouisPetBoutique2 WW-Displayed-LouisPetBoutique3 WW-Displayed-LouisPetBoutique4

    I have recently been on a trip to Korea to visit our retailers there. I have to say I was so impressed with the pet stores there. The design and attention to detail was amazing. The Louis Dog Boutique in The Hyundai Department store had it’s own lift especially for it’s furry customers. The goods on display were beautiful and WildWash fitted in perfectly. The range has been so well received in Korea and we so happy with our partnership with And For Pets who have made all this possible.

    Currently And For Pets are showing our entire range at the Handmade Korea Fair 2015. This is on from 23rd July till 26th in Coex B Hall, Seoul.

    They have collaborated Kobys Pop Art to make some amazing pet related canvases for the show and as you can see the stand looks awesome. For more information on the event, please visit:

  • Thumbs Up from Pet Stay

    petstay-logo for WildWash pet shanpoo review

    PetStay is a national company offering a loving & caring alternative to kennels. They have over 20 franchises across the UK and all of their customers have one thing in common….. a love of dogs!

    Because of this they have created a page on their website reviewing dog products that they believe to be outstanding. Their 3 PetStay staff dogs; Roxy a 9 month Cocker Spaniel, Molly a 8 year old Lab and Molly a 12 year old Border Terrier couldn’t wait to try WildWash out. To read their review visit:

  • A Week Of Testimonials

    WildWash on Facebook

    We always love to hear from our clients and this week has been a particularly great week for wonderful testimonials so we thought we would share them with you:

    Steph Cater-Testimonial

    Steph Cater – Dog Owner
    After nearly 3 years, loads of ££ and lots of products I’d like to post this comment:
    hi, without getting overly excited (much!) order of the sensitive shampoo arrived Monday and my itchy little dog has had 3 baths since then (starting as soon as it arrived) and *touching wood*, the improvement is MASSIVE! His scabby areas have cleared up (where he had drawn blood with the itching) and in 5 days have only caught him scratching twice! No more nibbling, no more being woken up as he scratches next door and his coat is lovely. THANK YOU!!!!



    Caroline Rossiter – Professional Groomer
    I’ve tried a couple of your shampoos and they are all fantastic. I’ve just tried the lighter coat shampoo on my standard poodle who loves mud and he is gleaming. Love your products.



    Cheryl Humphreys – Professional Groomer
    We love wildwash in the salon. One of my favourite shampoos to date. The customers love the long lasting smell and I love working with a product that is quality. The shampoos are great on bad skins and itchy dry coats. Show coated dogs have a lift in the coat with no chemicals to weigh it down. I love the perfumes and the candle went down well too. I just love using a product that is safe and kind. My hands love it the most! After suffering years with itchy dermatitis I can honestly say my hands are finally healing. Thank you.

    We received these all on our Facebook page. We post lots of news on our Facebook and it’s a great way to keep in touch with our customers. It’s also a great forum to ask for advice too. So whatever your reason, if you use Facebook, follow us, we’d love to hear from you.