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  • Understanding Your Cat

    We are super excited at WildWash as we are adopting a new member to our family next week. This little fella will be welcomed into the gang by Nemo (our American Bulldog), Pepper (our French Bulldog) and Bandit and Apache (our two cats!) The kids have already named him Kitkat!!!

    He really is a beauty and we are going to start bushing him from an early age so that he gets used to being groomed by us.

    I was very happy to see a great little animation on the Sainsbury’s website this week that I thought I would share with you too. I showed it to my kids and they loved it. There’s a neat advice piece at the bottom for anyone getting a new kitten too. Check it out:


    Cat Blog visual


  • Healing Testimonials Galore

    recommended by Equine Horse Magazine

    We have had a lovely month for testimonials that show WildWash is really helping the skin and coats of our beloved pets.

    Dogs Monthly were astounded by Chandi’s remarkable recovery using our WildWash Sensitive Shampoo. To read more please click:


    It is the season when horses get all sorts of skin and coat problems, so we were very happy to hear that our WildWash Medicated Horse Shampoo is helping.

    recommended by Equine Horse Magazine

    Clare Chappelhow was the tester at Equine Magazine that gave our Medicated Shampoo a Highly Recommended review.

    She says “I must admit this wasn’t something I would have specifically selected to test, partly due to my lack of time to wash horses, unless really required! But I’m always up to the challenge of testing/reviewing something new. As it was, there was a horse on the yard that has urticarial (the lumps/swellings were from the shoulder to flank area), some had even developed into scurfy scabs, so after reading up on this medicated shampoo I thought this was an ideal candidate to test it on. Using as directed with its own mixing bottle, it was easy to apply and rinse off, leaving a pleasant aroma, but the real test for me was the fact that the horse didn’t react to the shampoo, if anything her condition took a turn for the better. It also left the horse with a shiny clean coat and is a shampoo I would use again and recommend other to do so.”

    For more info about Equine Magazine go to:

    Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 12.55.15

  • WildWash Keeps Your Dog Cleaner Longer

    Our favourite testimonial this month came from Lucy Foss at The Grooming Shed.

    “I was using Wildwash on a customer of mine a Golden Labrador that comes every 5 weeks for a bath and undercoat removal.

    On this occasion I decided to try some different shampoo for a different smell, after only 3 weeks the customer contacted me and asked if next time I could use the shampoo I usually use because he had become greasy and not very clean.  I have used Wildwash every time since.”

    We were very happy to receive this. At WildWash we are committed to 100% natural ingredients that work well with your pets skin and coat. Every pet can look and smell good after a wash, but the important test is to see how the skin and coat perform after, a few days or a few weeks. We have had a professional grooming salon for over 15 years now and have seen how numerous shampoos perform over the years. The research we put into our own brand of shampoo has been immense and stretched over years and years. We are so pleased with the finished product range and love hearing your stories and comments. Please keep sending them in.

  • WildWash are proud to sponsor the Poodle Training Club Agility League

    WildWash is a very popular choice for Poodles and when we approached by the Poodle Training Club we thought it would be the perfect partnership.

    Poodles are super clever and they are amazing at agility. In fact their agility website is the biggest in the UK. Full information can be found at

    How the league works is every show our members take part in they can claim points for their clear round or places. The poodle partnership with the most points in each category is the winner. It is not limited to KC shows only but also independant shows and UKA to attract more “for fun” owners as well as the serious competitors.

    The Poodle Training Club is a fantastic not for profit organisation dedicated to creating poodle only events, seminars, shows and training days. Membership is only £3 for a whole year and includes access to all PTC events and also to the League.

    More information can be found on the PTC website:

    Poodle 2

    poodle 3