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  • Introducing WildWash Pet


    We have worked very hard this year and are very very excited to be introducing a new range of pet products.

    The range is called WildWash Pet.

    The WildWash Pet range has been made with the pet owner in mind. This range still boasts the company’s renowned natural and healing ingredients containing absolutely no parabens, phosphates, petrochemicals, sulphates or PEGs and will achieve the same remarkable results as the brand’s WildWash Pro range which is used all over the world. The main difference is that the new range is not dilutable and the RRP of this ready to use range will be £8.95.

    The range consists of ten important core products. The range includes: a Puppy Love Shampoo with Lavender and Patchouli, gentle and kind and perfect for a puppy’s first bath, a Stinky Dog Shampoo with Peppermint and Lemongrass which will get rid of the very worst odours, even fox poo, a Super Sensitive Shampoo with Organic Aloe Vera and Calendula which is perfect for allergy prone skin, a Flea Off Shampoo with Manuka and Cedarwood to help repel fleas and ticks naturally, a Conditioning Shampoo for dry and flaky skin with Honey and Oatmeal and a Conditioner with Organic Shea Butter and Virgin Coconut Oil.

    WildWash’s extensive research has also led it to be very innovative and it has introduced a Senior Shampoo, which is a first for the grooming industry and also a Cat Shampoo infused with Catnip, to make bath time even fun for cats! The range also has two gorgeous smelling spritzes to freshen and condition the coat and skin in between washes.

    This new range will be available online from November 1st.








  • Come and Visit Us at PATS Telford


    PATS is a must for anyone in the pet trade and it is taking place this week on 25th and 26th September.

    WildWash’s stand is G53 and we’d love you to come and visit us. Karen and Jane will be manning the stand and are very excited to launch our new WildWash Pet range.

    Entry is free for visitors and you can get these free tickets by registering on the website


    We hope to see you there!!!!!

    wildwash at PATS Telford 2016 pet trade show

  • WILDWASH launches in Tokyo

    WildWash Launches in Tokyo

    Our WildWash Pro range has just launched in Japan. First stop is The Tokyo International Gift Show. The Gift Show was amazing and our range was received very well. For more information visit:

    Next stop is Interpet next year, but until then we have lots of dedicated retailers on board who love our product as much as we do.

    Such exciting times for WildWash. For information about WildWash distribution in Asia please contact And For Pets Ltd,,

    WildWash at Tokyo International Gift Show 2016

    WildWash at Tokyo International Gift Show 2016

    WildWash at Tokyo International Gift Show 2016 pic 3

    WildWash at Tokyo International Gift Show 2016 pic 4

    WildWash at Tokyo International Gift Show 2016 pic 5