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  • VIP Pets and WildWash on Television

    VIP Pets and WildWash on Television

    Anne Robinson is a television hero and her programmes are watched, loved and listened to. So when VIP Pets were approached by her new show Britains Secrets with Anne Robinson to be featured in their Pet Secrets episode, they said yes!!

    It was a great episode and Anne, who is a dog lover, has never been without one in her life. She meets like-minded people from all walks of life with strong views about their pets and asks this nation of animal obsessives: ‘what’s the point of your pet?!’

    In this episode the journey took them to the gorgeous boutique and grooming salon of VIP pets in Hitchin, Herts, where they showed how they look after the animals in their care. They introduced the WildWash Paw Balm with it’s natural healing ingredients of Kanuka, Almond Oil and Frankincense and showed how the dogs are pampered and groomed.


    I would definitely recommend watching it if you haven’t already and you can catch up with it on BBC IPLAYER by visiting:

    & For all non-UK Viewers:


  • NEW Partnership with Protect My Pet


    Keeping on top of pets’ anti-parasite treatments can be tricky with our busy lifestyles.

    Protect My Pet is an innovative service which helps ensure your pets are regularly treated.


    We all know that our furry friends require essential flea and worming treatments on a regular basis but most of us struggle to remember when to apply their treatments. This leaves them at risk of disease, illness and a possible infestation in our homes.

    Protect My Pet is a new service that can help us all keep our pets’ parasite-free. They deliver your pet’s flea and worming treatments in the form of a tailor-made box direct to your door just when they’re due.

    The health boxes take away the stress of remembering when to dose your dogs and/or cats and so keep fleas, ticks and worms at bay.

    “When it arrives in the post it’s time to dose”


    You can choose from an Essential or Premium range of boxes to suit your budget.  Also, if you have more than one pet you can sign up to their multi-pet boxes. All their boxes are designed to fit through your letter-box too, so you don’t have to wait in for the postman.

    Protect My Pet is offering our readers an exclusive 20% off their first box – just use the code WILDWASHPMP on their website:

  • Success with our WildWash Launch in Taiwan

    WildWash Launch in Taiwan Pet Boutique Store 1

    We launched WildWash in Taiwan last week and the feedback and sales have been fantastic. In hot countries a shampoo with natural healing ingredients can really make a huge difference to the skin and coat of an animal and so WildWash has been very popular.

    We have a great distributor in Taiwan who have worked very closely with Lintbells for years with supplements for pets skin and coat. This is a great brand for us to work along side and with WildWash Shampoo, a great diet and the right supplements, we believe there will be a lot less problems and allergies in pets skin and coat.

    For more information about WildWash in Taiwan please visit:

    WildWash Launch in Taiwan Pet Boutique Store 1


    WildWash Launch in Taiwan Pet Boutique Store 2


    WildWash Launch in Taiwan Pet Boutique Store 3


    WildWash Launch in Taiwan Pet Boutique Store 4



  • WildWash Wins EDRESSAGE Equine Awards 2016

    We are completely chuffed to have won the company breakthrough award for the EDRESSAGE Equine Awards 2016.

    Our horse range has really hit a good note in the equine industry and we are thrilled to bits! The range of four natural shampoos enhance the skin and coat of the animals they are used on and horse owners all over the world are reaping the benefits of using a shampoo they can trust and rely on.

    We have lots lined for our horse range this year and a new advertising campaign coming out at Christmas. So we will be sure to keep you posted!!

    For more information about EDRESSAGE visit:

    WildWash Wins EDRESSAGE Equine Awards 2016