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  • WildWash Awarded Best Pet Care Product 2017




    This year has been a wonderful year for WildWash and now we have won an award at PATS Sandown 2017!!!


    We won the PET CARE PRODUCT category with our WildWash Flea and Bug Spray with Horsetail, Eucalyptus and Nettle for Dogs and Horses

    The Judges’ comments were: The thought and development that went into this product is impressive, with ingredients being ethically sourced from four continents.

    We did research this product so thoroughly and are so pleased with the result. It is a much needed product in the pet industry and has been welcomed by our clients and now our peers. We are so grateful to be recognized in this way and it will push us on to develop more products that will benefit us, our pets and the environment we live in.

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    New WildWash natural flea repellent products launching at PATS

    WildWash are very excited to introduce two new natural flea repellent products to their natural line of pet shampoos and cosmetics at PATS this year. After spending the last year researching natural ingredients with insect-repellent qualities from all over the world, WildWash have developed a truly natural solution to protect against fleas. WildWash have chosen ingredients from four continents that have been selected as the most effective insect repelling botanicals in their country of origin. By combining these together, WildWash have created an effective natural Anti Flea Shampoo for dogs and a powerful natural Flea and Bug Repellent for dogs and horses.

    The revolutionary blend of plants and herbs uses ingredients such as Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Lemongrass, which work together to help deter fleas, flies, mites and ticks in the WildWash Pro Anti Flea Shampoo. The WildWash Pro Flea and Bug Repellent uses a blend of essential oils known for their flea repellent properties. Natural ingredients such Horsetail, Eucalyptus and Nettle are suitable for use on both dogs and horses, and help to condition and brighten the coat. The WildWash Pro Flea and Bug Repellent can be applied freely to the skin and coat to deter fleas, flies, mites, ticks and mosquitoes.

  • India Welcomes WildWash

    WildWash Pet Shampoo is in India

    Namaste! WILDWASH has officially launched in India in October 2016. Since then it has been a wonderful journey for us to interact with thousands of pet parents in India and educate them on the benefits of using 100% natural products. The response we received is nothing less then overwhelming. It is refreshing to meet so many passionate pet parents who are willing to go an extra mile to educate themselves to take care of their furry babies in the best possible way.

    One of the highlights of our time here in India are the testimonials that keep receiving. We get hundreds of calls and messages by pet parents who want to share with us their experience of using our products. We are delighted when we hear them describe the transformation their pets skin and coat has gone thru after using WILDWASH. It keeps us motivated to continue to work hard to achieve our goal of making pets in India healthier and happier!

    WildWash in India



    The Image below was sent to us by Divya who is a journalist, mother of three crazy dogs, dreamer and a wanderer. She posted on her Instagram account @dugardd,
    “Thank you @wildwashindia for making my coat clean and shining without ton of studs and strong fragrances .. My hoomans love it ( Yes we do love clean Marcopolo smelling rosemary and citronella”

    WildWash Testimonial from India



    One of our early partners in India is this fantastic state of the art Veterinary Care Hospital – Crown Vet. Our range is available in our exclusive display stands in both their clinics in Mumbai which are located in Mahalaxmi and Khar.

    Crown Vet in India carries WildWash Pet Shampoo

  • Dylan’s Story

    Dylan's before and after experience with WildWash Shampoo

    We love receiving your testimonials and this one sent from Jacqui from Scentsy Dog really made us smile. Well done Dylan, you look gorgeous.

    Dylan's before and after experience with WildWash Shampoo


    Dylan is a testament to the effectiveness of WildWash products. He suffers with Flea Allergy Dermatitis and Eczema. For many years his owner has had his coat clipped completely off as this was the only way to manage his skin problems and keep him comfortable. As soon as his hair started to grow he would start to scratch. We have been bathing him regularly in WildWash shampoos for approximately six weeks and he is so much better that his owner has decided to let his coat grow back so he can look like a proper King Charles cavalier again. He had his first clip since this decision was taken today and as you can see we have been able to leave his ears and feathers to grow on. It’s a real milestone for Dylan.

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