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  • Ethical Accreditation

    ECO Ethical Accreditation Award - WildWash 2017

    We are very proud that Wildwash has been awarded ethical accreditation by The Ethical Company Organisation.

    They set the benchmark for corporate social responsibility and since 2001 have provided ethical research information on 1000s of companies and brands, promoting positive policies and development in three key areas: Human Rights, Environment and Animal Rights.

    For over a decade they have provided the world’s leading clear and comparative ethical information on thousands of companies and brands to individuals, NGOs, ethical companies and ethical investors. They compare hundreds of companies’ ethical and corporate social responsibility records in relation to up to 15 different ethical criteria under the 3 general headings of Environment, Animals and People.

    By promoting equality, fair labour practices and ultimately alternative/ethical economic conditions, their research advocates for justice and sustainable development as being at the heart of progressive trade structures and systems.

    This research involves working closely on issues with both individuals and ethical companies, plus drawing from the vast information supplied by some of the world’s leading NGOs – including Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Christian Aid and many more. Their research reports both the poor ethical standards and the good ethical standards of the world’s companies and brands and their aim is at all times to be both transparent and fair. Their work aims to encourage the world’s companies to treat humans, animals and the environment with the highest possible levels of respect – and those that don’t they will report on accordingly.

    For more information visit:



    ECO Ethical Accreditation Award - WildWash (2017)-2


  • Our Creative Partners in Asia

    WildWash Limited Edition

    We feel very blessed to work with such amazing distributors around the world and they never cease to amaze us with their passion and belief in our brand.

    Our distributor in Korea has looked after our brand for years now and I think they know the products better than we do! They are always coming up with new creative ideas to help establish our brand in Korea and their new concept is amazing. They have teamed up with various artists and they are introducing limited edition labels. We love this design by Koby Pop Art and we hope to bring it to the UK soon.

    WildWash Limited Edition

    In Taiwan, our products were launched to great success. Bloggers and the like gave brilliant tried and tested reviews and the pet shops and grooming salons look absolutely beautiful. We cannot wait to visit.

    wildwash taiwan 1


    wildwash taiwan 2

    Our Chinese distributors are currently at the Shenzhen Pet Fair and their stand is brilliant. Again we love the creative drive behind our natural pet products and are so pleased they have been so popular in Asia. For more information about this show please visit:

    Eden Petz 1 showcase WildWash


    Eden Petz 2 showcase WildWash


    Eden Petz 3 showcase WildWash

  • Due to Popular Demand…….

    WW flea and bug repellent popular

    Our award winning Flea and Bug Repellent has been so popular that we have now brought it out in a 5ltr size. This means that it works out very cost effective to use, and those pesky bugs will have to go knocking somewhere else!!

    We have also introduced a great Spray bottle to decant the 5ltr bottle into for easy use. This award winning spray bottle sprays in virtual silence and can be used upside down as effectively as the correct way up. It also can deliver one quick spray or a continuous 3 second spray. It will help you use our 5ltr Flea and Bug Repellent, our 5ltr Detangle and very soon we will be introducing our Fragrances in 5ltr sizes too.

    Flea and Bug Repellent 5ltr

    Spray bottle 500ml