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  • WildWash In GQ Magazine

    WildWash In GQ Magazine

    We thought we’d share a fab article with you that was featured in GQ magazine. Firstly, because WildWash had a lovely mention, but mostly because the article was really interesting and informative.

    The article is a Dog Friendly Guide to Cornwall. For any of you that have holidayed or visited Cornwall, you will know it is a fabulous place to go, and I think this article will lure anyone that hasn’t visited before. Leaving the airports and holidaying in the UK is easy, fun and great for the environment, so it gets the WildWash thumbs up!

    This was our mention:

    Designer dog shopping

    When it comes to designer accessories, doggy boutique Paws In Padstow is the place to head to keep your dog looking every bit as stylish as you do. Here you’ll find everything from soft leather Hunter collars to Barbour coats and beds. It’s a great spot for spotting the great and the good who frequent the more exclusive haunts around Padstow. (Gordon Ramsay’s a fan.) When it comes to grooming, the Natural Cornish Pet offers Wildwash dog shampoos and conditioners, which use essential oils and botanicals, and Hiro & Wolf designer canine accessories.

    But for the full article visit:

  • A Wonderful Testimonial For Our Sensitive Shampoo

    WildWash Sensitive Shampoo - A Must Have for All Pets With Sensitivity!

    Chandi, an Alaskan Malamute has been coming to our grooming salon for the past two years. She has suffered from excessive hair loss, resulting in bald patches, itching and sore red skin. Her owner would always bring her own shampoo, Malaseb, which her vet had prescribed for Chandi’s skin condition. Recently her condition deteriorated, to the extent that her skin was so dry and cracked that it just opened up as we touched it. She was covered in red, sore, weeping lesions and was in such pain a few weeks ago at her grooming session a few weeks ago that she became uncharacteristically aggressive, to the extent we thought we would no longer be able to groom her.

    We believed that the Malaseb was actually exacerbating her condition and drying up her already fragile skin to the extent that it was breaking down. We asked Chandi’s owner, if she would cease using the Maleseb for a few weeks and we agreed we would use WildWash Sensitive on her skin. The improvement was almost immediate. We saw Chandi two weeks after her first bath with WildWash Sensitive. The red lesions had healed and the fur had started to grow back. We saw her again last week and well, she was a different dog! The fur had grown some more, and was starting to look more even as the previous bald patched were filling in, her skin was elastic again and there was no soreness or redness. She was happy to be groomed and her owner was ecstatic. She is going to talk to her vet about WildWash and hopefully persuade them to recommend WildWash Sensitive to dogs with allergies, poor skin conditions, redness, soreness, dryness and cracking instead of prescribing Maleseb which is designed to treat bacterial, fungal and yeast infections. Thank you WildWash!.

  • Cat Grooming


    The popularity for clients bringing their cats to be groomed has literally quadrupled in the last 2 years. It is not a process to be taken lightly as our lovely feline friends do not enjoy the process very much.

    However cats do need some help with grooming, especially long haired cats, to prevent their hair matting. Groomers are very reluctant to clip cats as their skin is paper thin and very easy to cut. We have had remarkable results with our WildWash Detangle for dematting cats. It is very easy to apply and once sprayed on the matt and massaged in, it can been left on for a while to work it’s magic. It is natural and therefore perfect for use on a cat, who may start to lick themselves clean. Once left a gentle comb through should be all that is needed to relieve the knot. Once the cat is thoroughly brushed a wash with our WildWash Sensitive Shampoo is what we would recommend. Again it is completely natural and safe to use on cats. It is sulphate free and so we be very easy and quick to rinse out leaving no residue in the coat. They may not completely like the process but will be very pleased to be tangle and chemical free afterwards. It is a careful and kind process for the animals that we love.

    clipped sensitive shampoo 300ml  WildWash clipped detangle 300ml