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  • WildWash is a Gift to Your Horse’s Skin and Coat

    Horse whitening gift set

    WildWash utilises natural ingredients to remedy common afflictions. Skin irritations, dandruff, mites, ticks and mange can all be treated effectively using the non- harmful, chemical free solutions WildWash have developed.

    At WildWash, we believe that animals and humans deserve the same quality cosmetics and we pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible. For every product, we provide a full ingredients list, which confirms that the products contain no parabens, phthalates, phosphates, petrochemicals, sulphates or PEGs. We use 100% pure essential oils and guarantee that none of our products have been tested on animals. This consideration and strong moral compass has earnt WildWash ethical accreditation and created countless satisfied customers.

    We have just launched our WildWash Equine Gift Sets in time for Christmas. They make the perfect gift for both horse and owner. There are four to choose from and include a shampoo, wonder balm and bug repellent. They fit perfectly in a reusable hemp WildWash Gift Bag.




  • Candle Launch at Pats Telford 2017

    wildwash new tin candle line

    We are looking forward to PATS Telford this year. The show takes place 24th to 25th September and we are on stand F36. For more information visit:


    We will be launching our new smaller sized tinned natural candles to combat pet odour.


    Utilising the amazing natural perfumes for which WildWash is known, our new range of tinned candles are versatile, colourful, fun and uber cost effective. Long burning and emitting no nasty toxins, our candles fit in beautifully in a variety of locations including homes, grooming salons, pet friendly hotels, kennels and holiday locations from cabins to caravans to villas!

    Light a WildWash Tin and those sneaky pet odours will vanish almost immediately.


    There are four beautiful colour coded fragrances from which to choose and find your favourite!


    RRP £17.50


  • Due to Popular Demand…….

    WW flea and bug repellent popular

    Our award winning Flea and Bug Repellent has been so popular that we have now brought it out in a 5ltr size. This means that it works out very cost effective to use, and those pesky bugs will have to go knocking somewhere else!!

    We have also introduced a great Spray bottle to decant the 5ltr bottle into for easy use. This award winning spray bottle sprays in virtual silence and can be used upside down as effectively as the correct way up. It also can deliver one quick spray or a continuous 3 second spray. It will help you use our 5ltr Flea and Bug Repellent, our 5ltr Detangle and very soon we will be introducing our Fragrances in 5ltr sizes too.

    Flea and Bug Repellent 5ltr

    Spray bottle 500ml

  • Use Our Chemical Free Bug Repellents This Summer – They Work!

    Our award winning Flea and Bug Spray for dogs and horses and our Anti Flea Shampoo for dogs are a must for this summer. We now sell them all over the world to help repel bugs the natural way.

    We have had lots of testimonials coming in from our customers and the results have been very positive.


    Vickie Weston – Horse Owner

    I have been using the Flea and Bug Spray this weekend. Horses smelt wonderful and no flies or midges, yay!

    We have also had a lovely review from Geraldine Cove-Print for Dog World.

    “So did the shampoo work? If you are used to masses of suds to make you think the product is working you are going to be disappointed that there is minimum froth, but that’s a good thing! That means the freaky chemicals that beguile us in other everyday products are not included; don’t worry, this shampoo does cleanse and condition and the aroma is gorgeous. I walk my pack through heathland and forestry and this time of year it is a pleasure ground for fleas and ticks looking for a walking buffet, what can I say? We remain flea free and ticks R not Us. It may be that the combination of the shampoo and the Flea and Bug Repellent available as a spray is the most effective because I did use both products for well over six weeks. Now you might be forgiven in thinking the spray and shampoo have identical ingredients, not so, Wildwash has come up with a powerful concoction using the ancient ‘living fossil’ of horsetail which has light defusing properties to brighten the coat along with nettle that has a reputation when used externally to clear dandruff and clear oily hair as well as helping the hair shaft to become smooth to better reflect the light, so no scurf and shiny too.”


    For the full article see the link below:

    Dog World WildWash Anti-Flea Product Review