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  • Congratulations to Pets Pantry in Warrington

    Pets Pantry

    We wanted to congratulate one of our WildWash retailers Pets Pantry on their title of ‘Warrington Retailer of the Year 2018’.

    The 38-year-old pet shop came top of a selection of “extremely high” nominees according to Warrington Business Awards, who described the winner as exemplifying “what a great collective ‘can do’ attitude we with have here in the Warrington business community”.

    Pets Pantry managing director Karen Hodgkinson, told Pet Gazette: “I founded the business in 1980 and have seen many changes in not only the high street, but also the pet trade.

    “We have embraced these changes and run with them, not only do we need to be competitive, we need to be knowledgeable, efficient, and constantly thinking outside the box when creating events and promos. Our team are the reason we won this award because they put 100% into all they do on a daily basis.”

    The shop is run by a team of nine people and has previously been nominated for national pet industry awards.

  • More Nominations for WildWash

    We are having a fantastic 2017. As well as being nominated in two categories for the Petquip awards, we have now been shortlisted as finalists for the GHP Animal Health and Wellness Awards 2017 and the Corporate Livewire Innovation and Excellence awards 2018.

    Testimonials such as the one below are the reason we have been recognised:

    Lisa Wood – Doggy Dos and Donts- Dog Trainer/Breeder

     I am a dog trainer/breeder and also board my puppies and dogs I train. I have 6 working gundogs. I try and do everything as natural as possible. I have just been to my groomers who has used your flea and bug repellent on my dogs as I had a rescue in that had fleas and was worried about mine. It was amazing. Out of 6 of my dogs, 2 had fleas and we watched as your repellent just killed them as soon as applied.

    We are very excited and grateful for receiving this recognition for our natural pet products. We are developing some fantastic new products as we write this so watch this space and hopefully 2018 will continue to be a fantastic year too!

    Our next public show will be Discover Dogs so do make sure you put this one in the diary. For more information, please go to:

  • Zara Tindall’s Top Horse Entered for The Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event

    We are all wishing Zara Tindall the best of luck for the Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event – 27-30 April. She is riding her top horse High Kingdom aka Trev (named after his previous owner Trevor Cummings). High Kingdom is an unbelievable horse and we couldn’t be prouder that he is bathed in WildWash.

    Trev the Horse


    The pair have travelled to the US four-star previously, in 2015, but the horse was injured just before his dressage test so did not compete.


    On that occasion, High Kingdom was being tacked up about an hour before his test, when he kicked out in his stable and split the skin on his off hind on the outside of the pastern. It turned out he had penetrated the joint capsule, which had to be flushed under general anaesthetic. He did not compete again that season.


    We have all our fingers and toes crossed that they get to compete this time, Zara has the most incredible team this year and we cannot wait to watch the gorgeous pair in action.

    Trev The Horse 2


    For more information visit:

  • Our Award Winning WildWash Pro Flea and Bug Spray

    PATS Sandown 2017 – WildWash Pet Shampoo

    With summer on its way, our award winning WildWash Pro Flea and Bug Spray for dogs and horses has been very popular. We have been asked to bring it out in a bigger refill size, so it will now also be available in a 5 litre size from May 1st. We will also offer a spray bottle to decant in to, which is a multi award-winning dispensing system, that is neither an aerosol nor a conventional trigger and will provide a strong and sustained spray in virtual silence and can be used upside down just as well as upright.


    To find out more about our award at PATS please click here to watch this interview:

    PATS Sandown 2017 – WildWash 2


    PATS Sandown 2017 – WildWash