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  • WildWash exhibits at Equitana 2019 and is nominated for an award

    WildWash at Equitana 2019

    WildWash is being exhibited for the first time at Equitana by our German Distributor – Equestrian International and we have been nominated as  “innovative horse care products to discover at EQUITANA. This is super exciting for the launch of our equine range in Germany and we hope to meet lots of new clients to introduce our products to.

    Equitana is a fabulous show and runs from 9th to 17th March in the Exhibition Centre, Essen, Germany. For more information visit

  • Understanding Your Cat

    We are super excited at WildWash as we are adopting a new member to our family next week. This little fella will be welcomed into the gang by Nemo (our American Bulldog), Pepper (our French Bulldog) and Bandit and Apache (our two cats!) The kids have already named him Kitkat!!!

    He really is a beauty and we are going to start bushing him from an early age so that he gets used to being groomed by us.

    I was very happy to see a great little animation on the Sainsbury’s website this week that I thought I would share with you too. I showed it to my kids and they loved it. There’s a neat advice piece at the bottom for anyone getting a new kitten too. Check it out:


    Cat Blog visual


  • Treat your dog to great hair

    Yumee image 1200x600-webready

    So you already know that WildWash shampoos give your dog healthy skin and a glossy coat. But it turns out there are other ways to achieve that Crufts-worthy hair. Like dog treats!

    With treats, you can top up all the good stuff you’ll find in our shampoos. Take our Sea Kelp ingredient, for example. You’ll find its hair-happy vitamin B, magnesium and zinc in treats, too.


    Aloe happy hair!

    We add aloe vera to our shampoos to soothe, heal and nourish your dog’s skin. You’ll find this natural wonder in’s Let’s Roll Chicken and Aloe Vera treats. And aloe vera isn’t just great for skin and coat, this antioxidant helps boost your dog’s natural defences, too.


    Go omega!

    Chicken is just one of the meats which are rich in natural omega 3 and 6 oils. These essential amino “fatty” acids nourish skin and promote glossy coats.

    Your dog will also enjoy treats with omega-rich duck and salmon. These hypoallergenic meats ease and moisturise inflamed skin and help with allergies around this time of year.


    Green goodness treats are full of vegetables and herbs, too. Like rosemary which is full of antioxidant iron which helps maintain a healthy coat. Carrots crammed with vitamin B and zinc to encourage new hairs to grow. Potatoes with vitamins A and E to calm sensitive skin. Oh, and superfood cranberry – a natural anti-inflammatory for dogs with skin allergies.


    Hand made in the UK

    Just like us, the team hand make their products in the UK. They use locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible, and by oven baking each treat, preserve the freshness and goodness of their ingredients.


    Naturally good

    We only use 100% pure essential oils; and only adds natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to its treats. Plus, snacks are free from nasty artificial colourings, flavourings or sugars.


    Tailor-made for your dog

    Just like we make shampoos for all types of dog hair, makes treat boxes for all types of dog. When you sign up, tell them about your best friend (including breed, age, size, and any dietary needs) and they’ll handpick treats for what they need most. From sensitive tummies to fresh breath and everything in between.


    To find out more about – and get your dog’s first box free – go to:

  • WildWash Sponsors Scott Clements – Tough Mudder

    wildwash sponsors Scott at Tough Mudder

    WildWash are sponsoring Scott Clements to do Tough Mudder on Sunday June 21st. It is all in aid of raising money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. The work they do to create life-changing partnerships between deaf people and specially trained hearing dogs is absolutely amazing. If you are in Scotland it will be a great one to watch and is being held at Drumlanrig Castle. If you would like to donate Scott’s just giving page is

    If you would like to read more about this charity they have a great website where you can sponser a puppy and help contribute in many ways.

    We wish Scott lots of luck on the day!

    WildWash sponsors Scott at Tough Mudder 2015