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  • Success in Taiwan

    WildWash in Tapei 3

    WildWash has just been exhibited at the Taipei Pet Show in Taiwan with great success. Our distributor in Taiwan had a beautiful stand and displayed our products perfectly. Such a success that they had the best show ever! We were displayed alongside Lintbell products which I cannot recommend enough. Our newly born puppies have benefited immensely from their Yum Puppy powder by Lintbell’s and we use their other products all the time.

    For more information about this fantastic show please visit:

    We would love to attend in person next year, as the endless array of choices of product on offer are brilliant, individual and not to be missed. I’m pleased we were in such good company.

    WildWash in Tapei 1


    WildWash in Tapei 2


    WildWash in Tapei 3


    WildWash in Tapei 4


    WildWash in Tapei 5


    WildWash in Tapei 6


    WildWash in Tapei 7