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  • WildWash’s Ethical Accreditation


    WildWash has been awarded ethical accreditation for the 3rd year in a row. We care immensely about the planet we live in and our new campaign to Help Save the Planet – Use Less Plastic is really taking off. Please visit:

    To find out your nearest refill centre.

    Please visit:

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  • Help Us Save the Planet – Use Less Plastic

    Ocean Plastic Pollution

    WildWash are launching a campaign to use less plastic. We use PET plastic bottles for our products which are the most recyclable plastic bottles, however, most enter the municipal solid waste stream instead of being recycled.

    Discarding plastic bottles instead of recycling them, wastes nonrenewable resources and generates higher levels of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases trap the sun’s heat in the atmosphere, in a natural process called the greenhouse effect. This leads to Global Warming and this extra heat causes changes in climate patterns, including the severity of wind, precipitation and temperature fluctuations. It will affect all our lives in some way now, but in years to come the effects will be irreversible and will ruin the world as we know it. We have to work together and we need to take action. Even a small contribution will make a difference. It is better to do something rather than nothing.

    Our oceans are in need of immediate help. Today billions of pounds of plastic can be found in swirling convergences making up about 40 percent of the world’s ocean surfaces. Our wildlife needs our help, for example, 60 percent of all seabird species have eaten pieces of plastic, with that number predicted to increase to 99 percent by 2050. Based on the amount of plastic found in seabird stomachs, the amount of garbage in our oceans has rapidly increased in the past 40 years. We need to take action.

    As part of our campaign we will be suggesting ways that we can eliminate plastic from our lives and work towards cutting down the pollution of our planet. Small steps lead to big changes.

    As a company that uses plastic we will be looking at ways to reduce the plastic consumption. Our first step is to introduce refill centres across the UK. The first refill centre is The Mutz Nutz in Notting Hill (address: 221 Westbourne Park Road, Notting Hill, W11 1EA). Customers will be able to bring their empty WildWash Pro 300ml bottles and refill them. Our concentrated formula normally costs £14.95 a bottle, but for the refill service it will just be £10, so customers will make a huge cost saving as well as using less plastic. We are aiming by the end of the year to have centres offering this service all over the country to make it accessible to everyone.

    We will be appealing to all our customers to help with this plea and we also welcome anyone and everyone to get involved with ideas and tips. We would like this campaign to span as far as possible so please email us at to get involved.

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