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  • With Summer Approaching Let’s Get Those Horses White Again!!

    Equine Whitening Shampoo review for WildWash Horse

    Nicole Jack – Horse Owner

    I bought a shampoo from BETA. Now the weather has improved I got around to using it before a clinic last week and I’m so impressed with the results! I’ve tried so many whitening products on the market but yours works like magic! My mare’s legs came up bright white with minimal scrubbing and I didn’t have to worry about harsh chemicals irritating the skin. This product is definitely my new go-to product for whitening and I can’t wait to order the Ultra Shine shampoo to use for competitions. Thank you very much again for the shampoo! A very pleased customer!

    Equine Whitening Shampoo review for WildWash Horse
  • A Fantastic Review from Equine South and a Recommendation to Team GBR!

    Equine South is a mine of information.

    Great articles, information on so many events and it even has a business directory. The good news is as well as the website they will be launching a digital magazine this winter. We will definitely be avid readers!

    Jessica Sedgwick has just tried and reviewed our WildWash Ultra Shine Shampoo and loved it, she even recommended it to Team GBR

    Jessica Sedgwick has just tried and reviewed our WildWash Ultra Shine Shampoo and loved it, she even recommended it to Team GBR, so fingers crossed! She commented:

    Functionality – Did it work?

    Yes. My horse was much cleaner, his coat was shiny and grime free!! Following our endurance ride all his kit came off grime free so it had definitely made him clean!

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  • WildWash is a Gift to Your Horse’s Skin and Coat

    Horse whitening gift set

    WildWash utilises natural ingredients to remedy common afflictions. Skin irritations, dandruff, mites, ticks and mange can all be treated effectively using the non- harmful, chemical free solutions WildWash have developed.

    At WildWash, we believe that animals and humans deserve the same quality cosmetics and we pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible. For every product, we provide a full ingredients list, which confirms that the products contain no parabens, phthalates, phosphates, petrochemicals, sulphates or PEGs. We use 100% pure essential oils and guarantee that none of our products have been tested on animals. This consideration and strong moral compass has earnt WildWash ethical accreditation and created countless satisfied customers.

    We have just launched our WildWash Equine Gift Sets in time for Christmas. They make the perfect gift for both horse and owner. There are four to choose from and include a shampoo, wonder balm and bug repellent. They fit perfectly in a reusable hemp WildWash Gift Bag.




  • Testimonials Galore from Equine Magazine

    feature image for WildWash in Equine Mag

    We love Equine Magazine and from these testimonials we can see they love us too!

    This month they tried Wonder Balm, Healing Paw Balm and our Flea and Bug Repellent on dogs and horses. The results were great and we have more happy customers. The review are below, but don’t take their word for it…… try it yourself!

    Highly recommended by Equine Horse Magazone

    Very Highly Recommended Tried and Tested Review for Wonder Balm from Equine Magazine – Gillian McMurray

    This comes in a neat little pot, ideal for going in the pocket and thus useful over the summer months when checking ponies in the fields. It is made from organic shea butter with added natural essential oils. It has a pleasant lavender smell and since it is made of a waxy substance, it adheres well to the skin. I used it on minor cuts and found it absorbed well into the skin, keeping the abrasions moist and giving a healthy environment for quicker healing. This wonder balm is also recommended for use on hooves and I did rub some into the coronet band of one of the ponies. It absorbed well and softened rough horn on this area. I’m sure with regular use it would make a difference to the hooves but it used rather a lot product from the pot, so I feel its best use is for minor cuts and scratches where it definitely seems to help healing.

    Very Highly Recommended Tried and Tested Review for Flea and Bug Repellent from Equine Magazine – Sue Porter

    Omg, this is great. Although I still have administered the regular veterinary flea/tick repellent, I have used this product on a weekly basis.

    As the dogs are walked daily in fields, either from home or when we’re elsewhere with the caravan, it’s great to have the added protection this product gives.

    Not only have the dogs been regularly sprayed, but so have their beds and any other pieces of furniture I find them on, as it all adds to the repellent factor, and it smells so good too. As it’s made from natural oils I also sprayed it on myself when I was plagues with ‘mossies’ – and it worked!! So, I shall be keeping a bottle of this with my traveling canine kit.

    WildWash Testimonials from Equine Magazine

    Very Highly Recommended Tried and Tested Review for Healing Paw Balm from Equine Magazine – Sue Porter

    This has been used two to three times a week since receiving it as I was concerned about the heat emanating from the pavements when the dogs were being walked. Suffice to say you’d not get me walking around in bare feet! It helps protect the pads from the hot concrete/tarmac and also from the heat of the sand while on holiday. The pads were becoming sore and dry but now they look so much healthier. I will continue to use it regularly, especially when winter comes, as the road grit and ice can cause burns on the pads. P.s. great on rough skin on my feet too!!

    Highly Recommended Tried and Tested Review for Flea and Bug Repellent from Equine Magazine – Gillian McMurray

    I was looking forward to trialling this as it was a completely new brand to me. The repellent s made from a selection of natural essential oils as opposed to chemicals which I felt would be better for their skins. Our ponies often have very small ticks on their faces and bodies, especially in the spring due to the fact that wild deer can be seen sharing their fields. The product comes in a spray bottle but rather than having the ponies disappear at the first sound, I used t on a sponge to rub over their faces. I tried it on three young ponies out of five in the same field. Used daily for two weeks, there appeared to be a noticeable difference between the two groups, as I scarcely found any ticks on the trial group. It also seemed to repel clegs from biting the ponies. I am interested in continuing to assess this repellent over the summer as the larger ticks appear, to see if it is still as successful in preventing these ones from attaching themselves to the ponies.

    WildWash Testimonials from Equine Magazine 2

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