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  • Pepper’s Puppies

    We are so excited to report that Pepper has had her puppies!

    Just to fill you in on what you have missed up till now! Pepper was mated with the wonderful Loki, a very handsome French Bulldog owned by

    over 63 days ago and we were lucky enough to be expecting 4 puppies. French Bulldogs are renowned for not being able to give birth naturally (big head, small body!), so she was booked in for a C section on day 62. I bought a fabulous whelping box from . Diane from Warwick was so incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and we went with the delux version with a separate pen (not cheap but Pepper needed the best!) So, I thought I was set.

    But no! Pepper decided to go into labour on the evening of day 59. Completely unexpected and our emergency vets thought when I called them at 4am in the morning in a panic, that we would be better to wait until she was actively pushing before we brought her in. So, we waited.

    I was still waiting at 8am in the morning when it was time to take my kids to school. We decided my husband should take the kids to school and I stayed with Pepper, at which point she started pushing. I found myself carless and You Tubing French Bulldogs giving birth!

    It all looked quite straight forward, so I stopped panicking. Then the first pup got stick, so I started panicking all over again! Luckily my hubby was soon home and we popped her in the car and started driving to the vets. I was very worried we’d lose the pup if I didn’t do something, so I gently tried to help ease the pup out and low and behold, I delivered the first pup in the car, just as we arrived at the vets. She then went on to deliver not 3, but 5 more all naturally. She did absolutely everything she was meant to do and has been the most amazing mother ever since. She had 3 boys; Dude, Punk and Messi and 3 girls; Belle, Blue and Popcorn. Pics below. They really are beauties, we love them all and they all have their own personalities already. Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing a pup and I will let you which ones are available (at the moment my children and husband are convinced they are keeping them all!). In the meantime, we’ll just keep cuddling them!

    I have definitely learnt a lot about puppies and whelping and will put together some notes and advice once we are a bit further along the way. Watch this space!



  • The Kennel Club’s Dog Owner’s Handbook

    WildWash PuppyLove Ad

    We are really pleased to be included in this fantastic publication. The Kennel Club is a fantastic organization and this magazine has lots of information for new dog owners. I used it when we first got our puppy and found it uber useful. There really is all you need to know in one place. To see an electronic version visit:


    Our new Wildwash Pet Puppy Love Shampoo has been featured as it is the perfect shampoo for a new puppy. Kind and gentle, it helps look after their skin and coat with a lovely subtle scent to keep them smelling beautiful. To see Mouse’s first bath visit our You Tube Channel:

  • A Wonderful Testimonial For Our Sensitive Shampoo

    WildWash Sensitive Shampoo - A Must Have for All Pets With Sensitivity!

    Chandi, an Alaskan Malamute has been coming to our grooming salon for the past two years. She has suffered from excessive hair loss, resulting in bald patches, itching and sore red skin. Her owner would always bring her own shampoo, Malaseb, which her vet had prescribed for Chandi’s skin condition. Recently her condition deteriorated, to the extent that her skin was so dry and cracked that it just opened up as we touched it. She was covered in red, sore, weeping lesions and was in such pain a few weeks ago at her grooming session a few weeks ago that she became uncharacteristically aggressive, to the extent we thought we would no longer be able to groom her.

    We believed that the Malaseb was actually exacerbating her condition and drying up her already fragile skin to the extent that it was breaking down. We asked Chandi’s owner, if she would cease using the Maleseb for a few weeks and we agreed we would use WildWash Sensitive on her skin. The improvement was almost immediate. We saw Chandi two weeks after her first bath with WildWash Sensitive. The red lesions had healed and the fur had started to grow back. We saw her again last week and well, she was a different dog! The fur had grown some more, and was starting to look more even as the previous bald patched were filling in, her skin was elastic again and there was no soreness or redness. She was happy to be groomed and her owner was ecstatic. She is going to talk to her vet about WildWash and hopefully persuade them to recommend WildWash Sensitive to dogs with allergies, poor skin conditions, redness, soreness, dryness and cracking instead of prescribing Maleseb which is designed to treat bacterial, fungal and yeast infections. Thank you WildWash!.