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  • Working Together to Help the Environment

    WildWash Refill-site

    We are so pleased so many of our stockists have embraced our Refill Centre idea.

    Moorland Paws in Devon is another of our Refill Sites, where you can bring in your old WildWash Pro Bottle and refill it for only £9.95 instead of the RRP of £14.95 for a new bottle.

    This is a great saving for our WildWash customers and it means that we are reusing our plastic bottles and not wasting them.

    Our aim is to have these Refill sites all over the UK. If you do have one in your area, we would be so grateful if you can use this service. The more demand for a refill service the more sites will open!!!

    Let’s work together to help cut down on waste plastic and help save our environment.

    To see if there is a WildWash refill site near you please go to:

    All WildWash products are made in a boutique apothecary in the UK. They have the same sustainability and environmental beliefs as us and are actively pursuing wind and solar power being the energy that produces all of our products. We will obviously keep you posted when we manage to achieve this. Yay!

  • Millies Pet Services is a WildWash Refilling Centre

    WildWash refill centre at Millies Pet Services

    We really do have some fabulous customers! We would like to wish Millies Pet Services a happy 1st birthday by introducing them to you.

    Millies Pet Services is based in Scotland at 69 High Street, Carnoustie, DD7 6AD. They haven’t even been open a year yet and they have made such a great impression on their customers. We love this testimonial from one of their customers, “Thank you so much, Ralph looks and smells AMAZING! The bandana makes him look so cute. Thank you for being so patient and kind with our old gent xx”

    WildWash refill centre at Millies Pet Services

    They have also embraced our refilling service. We are super pleased they are offering this service and helping us save on plastic waste.

    Our 300ml bottles cost £14.95 to purchase, but only £9.95 to refill, so this is a great cost saving for our customers too.

    WildWash refill centre at Millies Pet Services

    To see how it’s done please watch this video:

    For more information about Millies please visit: