Groom Dog City & Wild Wash Co.
April 4th, 2014

Groom Dog City Owner, Stuart

At WildWash we are very proud of the fact that some of the best grooming salons in the world choose our brand. They share our ethos and we love them! Here is some Q and A’s from one of our favourite clients Stuart from Groom Dog City. For more information on his spa visit

If your pet described you, what would they say?
I have 4 dogs so I imagine they all chat happily amongst themselves about me. But the one that would probably be the most vocal is Mr Ralph my Standard Poodle. He would probably tell me to stop kissing and cuddling him firstly and then he would tell me to get his ball (the one true love of his life). In fact he may even say that if it’s not green and round, he’s not interested. He would tell you that he gets annoyed that I seem to spend a lot of my time with other peoples dogs and not just him. Actually, I think he sees me as the pet and him as the owner lol.

We know animal welfare is of huge importance at Groom Dog City. What advice could you give pet owners at this time of year?
Animal Welfare is vital to Groom Dog City. That is why we are here. Sure we want your pets to look nice but we certainly don’t do it for vanity, we do it for health. In a way, that’s is why I’m not too keen on the label ‘poodle parlour’. It gives the wrong message. The simple fact is that all dogs need to be groomed for health purposes as well as to look fabulous. Dogs don’t sweat through their body, they release a small amount through their paws but that’s about it. They regulate temperature through their breath. If a dog gets too hot they pant to bring their body temperature down. That’s how their bodies function. We live in a country that has 4 seasons, It can be incredibly hot in the summer and freezing in the winter so it is vital that a pet really understands what he/she is feeling to allow them to bring themselves up or down to the proper temperature for them. Matted dogs don’t have the capacity to understand the temperature they are feeling as the matting is directly stopping them feel what they need to adjust their temperature, not to mention that severe matting can cut off the circulation to joints etc. Dogs that get wet and aren’t dried and brushed out will get matted thus leaving the owner no choice but to pop them in to us for a groom. It’s our job and we are happy to help our customers enjoy the pleasures of dog owning without focusing on the hard work. This proves that dogs need regular grooming in the winter. The rule of thumb for long coated breeds is to ensure that the coat is undercoat and knot free to allow the air to circulate and therefore leaving the dog comfortable and at a stable temperature. Don’t forget that they spend most of the cold winters days and nights in Centrally Heated houses so the capacity for overheating is present in the winder as well as in the summer. Short coated breeds can get cold, as they can’t speak to us we have to judge what is best for them. There are many coats and jumpers available to help keep your dog comfortable when out walking but personally I would take them off when inside.

As East London’s Destination Groomer can you tell us why a visit to Groom Dog City is a must?
Groom dog city prides itself on its customer relations, we strive to give our customers exactly what they want where possible. We are open plan and have a comfy sofa for owners to sit and watch the whole process. There are a few nervous customers that come to us for their first groom (owners not dogs) and we are always happy to talk them through what we are doing and explain  when there may be a point that the dog dislikes (blaster noise etc) and try and help keep their fears at bay. Dogs generally puck up on owners behaviour so the calmer that we can make mum and dad, the easier our job will be to make Fido look a million dollars.

Bichon beauty, groomed by Groom Dog City

We really enjoyed your commentating at The Groomer of the Year Competition which seemed effortlessly easy for you. Could you let us know the secret of public speaking? 

Before finding my passion for grooming I was a jobbing actor. I have been lucky enough to tour the UK, perform in the West End on several occasions, filmed feature films and commercials and (the pinnacle) performed on the Broadway Stage. I don’t find public speaking hard at all and I will soon be running workshops privately and through PIF to help people gain confidence and tools to lean on when in a public speaking situation. The main key is to allow yourself to make a mistake. It’s not the end of the world, People trip up all the time when speaking, it’s about forgetting it immediately rather than inward thinking about the mistake for the next 10 mins, this would lead to more mistakes. You just have to relax and be natural. That’s the key.

Bichon beautiful dog grooming by Groom Dog City

We know you have a passion for creative grooming. Could you tell us more about it?
To be totally honest, I don’t really have a passion for Creative Grooming. I think it’s interesting but it’s not something I do as a matter of course for fun (although it is quite fun). I got involved in creative by fulfilling a brief by a national magazine to provide a pink dog for a photo shoot. Having looked in to what is safe and what is not, I coloured my lovely Molly pink and the photo shoot was completed. Obviously Molly was pink for a while and whilst she was, Emma Watson came in to the salon and asked if we could do the same for her friends dog Darcy in aid of breast cancer research. We did and the paparazzi photos went viral and I got a huge amount of press. Not all good. It is because of this publicity that I decided to actively promote the safety in creative grooming and try and steer people away from the dangerous products and home bleaching. My take on it is “if it’s going to happen, let’s make sure it’s safe”. It’s my opinion that groomers that partake in creative grooming should be highly educated in canine skin and coat formations. That’s what I’m trying to do. Going to the corner shop and buying a bottle of ‘Nice & Easy’ is not acceptable and highly dangerous for our four legged friends.