Fragrance No.3 Launch for WildWash

NEW WildWash Product Line for Fragrance No.3

We have launched our Fragrance No.3 Range and it is amazing! It smells absolutely divine, my favourite scent to date. It has a warm lingering spicy aroma that is truly beautiful.

In our shampoo for Beauty and Shine Fragrance No.3 with Sweet Orange, Coriander and Cedarwood, the Coriander encourages hair growth and reduces inflammation, whilst Sweet Orange Oil naturally calms and works together with the Cedarwood to help repel fleas.

The label for this fragrance no.3 is copper and silver metallic and looks as gorgeous as it smells. Why don’t you try it for yourself??!!

WildWash Fragrance No.3 Product Launch Picture(click on image for full view)