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  • Chandi’s WildWash Shampoo Testimonial

    Chandi's Before Picture Before Using WIldWash Pet Shampoo

    Here is another wonderful testimonial we have the pleasure of sharing!

    Dear Karen,

    Further to our conversation on 26 March 2016 when Chandi came in for her grooming appointment I am attaching two pictures of Chandi to show what an amazing difference the wildwash shampoo has made to her coat and skin!. The picture on the top is before she started using the Wildwash shampoo .

    I am really pleased with the results and I think Chandi is too! I hope these pictures are helpful and if you require my help in any way with regards to supplying the Wildwash shampoo to local vets please do let me know and I will be more than happy to speak to Chandi’s vet!

    Kind regards,


    Chandi's Before Picture Before Using WIldWash Pet Shampoo

    BEFORE (click on image for full magnification)


    AFTTER (click on image for full magnification)

  • NEW WildWash Calm Range

    WildWash Calm Range - Pet Shampoo Line

    We have just given the seal of approval to a new WildWash Calm Range, which includes a shampoo, calm mist and calm drops to help our beautiful pets from feeling anxious and worried or even a little too excited!!!! We can’t wait to make them available to you so watch this space.