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  • Help Us Take A Stand Against Puppy Farming

    WildWash Supports Pup Aid

    We are very excited to be supporting Pup Aid, a charity which campaigns against puppy farming. They are holding a fun dog show on September 6th at Primrose Hill, London to help raise money and awareness for this very worthwhile cause. We will also have a stall there and can’t wait!

    Last year Pup Aid launched an e-petition to help ban the sale of young puppies and kittens unless their mothers are present. Over 110,000 people signed their e-petition and the issue is now going to be debated in Parliament on September 4th 2014.

    They need as many MPs as possible do their bit – to show the Government that there is strong, cross-party support for tackling puppy farming. MPs are already getting involved but we need you to make sure your MP knows about this issue. For more information visit

    Pup Aid Event For Stand Against Puppy Mills

  • Paws For Our Cause – Animal Welfare Petition + Petition

    ASCAS and WildWash have joined together and created a petition to regulate the non-pharmaceutical pet products industry in the UK. Sign our petition to help give voice and bring positive changes and improvements to the pet care industry.

    At present there are no regulations for non-pharmaceutical animal shampoos and cosmetics. This means that anything can be put in a bottle and sold to pet owners. There doesn’t have to be an ingredients list, a best before date or any information that shows it is fit for purpose.

    Our petition supports the work of the Environment Agency’s Chemical Source Control Project. This looks at a range of chemicals that have requirements under the Water Framework Directive (WFD). This legislation aims to improve and protect inland and coastal waters, reduce pollution, drive more sustainable use of water as a natural resource, and create better habitats for wildlife that live in and around water.

    Please take a moment to visit and to read our 5 Point Petition. If you agree please sign the petition and help bring positive changes and improvements to the pet care industry.