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  • WildWash Keeps Your Dog Cleaner Longer

    Our favourite testimonial this month came from Lucy Foss at The Grooming Shed.

    “I was using Wildwash on a customer of mine a Golden Labrador that comes every 5 weeks for a bath and undercoat removal.

    On this occasion I decided to try some different shampoo for a different smell, after only 3 weeks the customer contacted me and asked if next time I could use the shampoo I usually use because he had become greasy and not very clean.  I have used Wildwash every time since.”

    We were very happy to receive this. At WildWash we are committed to 100% natural ingredients that work well with your pets skin and coat. Every pet can look and smell good after a wash, but the important test is to see how the skin and coat perform after, a few days or a few weeks. We have had a professional grooming salon for over 15 years now and have seen how numerous shampoos perform over the years. The research we put into our own brand of shampoo has been immense and stretched over years and years. We are so pleased with the finished product range and love hearing your stories and comments. Please keep sending them in.

  • A Wonderful Review From Dog World

    Dog World Mag UK

    We have just purchased a copy of Dog World and were very pleased to see a lovely informative review from the wonderful Geraldine Cove-Print on WildWash. We always enjoy reading her articles and this one is especially close to our hearts! Please have a read as there is so much information in there which is important to all of us that love our animals and the planet we live in! You can subscribe to Dog World online at It always make a very good read.

    wildwash article in Dog World Mag
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  • A Week of Press for WildWash

    WildWash has been in the press lately all over the world! We are so excited that word has spread about our gorgeous products and was very pleased to see The Independent giving the thumbs up to our Fragrance No.2 Perfume. I love the scent of Fragrance No.2 and the matching candle is divine! For more info on The Independent Newspaper (One of the best reads) log on to:


    Over in Asia WildWash is getting much praise and we absolutely love their doggie magazines. Check out Pavourite and you’ll be blown away with their style. Follow them on instragram @Pavouritemag or on Facebook @pavourite magazine –

    Pavourite magazine



    Heren Magazine believes WildWash is on trend. We agree – a product that looks after your pet, yourself and the environment is exactly what we need! We love Heren!

    Heren WildWash


    Heren WildWash 2