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  • A Fantastic Review from Equine South and a Recommendation to Team GBR!

    Equine South is a mine of information.

    Great articles, information on so many events and it even has a business directory. The good news is as well as the website they will be launching a digital magazine this winter. We will definitely be avid readers!

    Jessica Sedgwick has just tried and reviewed our WildWash Ultra Shine Shampoo and loved it, she even recommended it to Team GBR

    Jessica Sedgwick has just tried and reviewed our WildWash Ultra Shine Shampoo and loved it, she even recommended it to Team GBR, so fingers crossed! She commented:

    Functionality – Did it work?

    Yes. My horse was much cleaner, his coat was shiny and grime free!! Following our endurance ride all his kit came off grime free so it had definitely made him clean!

    To read the full review go to:

  • A Highly Recommended Testimonial from Equine Magazine

    WildWash Horse Wonder Balm Gets Rave Reviews from Equine Magazine 2018

    We love to get our customers feedback on our products. Chris Grant tested the product for Equine Magazine and said the following:

    “I have found this little pot to be useful for almost everything! I first used it as a hoof dressing as instructed on the pot, applying liberally. I found it to give the hooves a great shiny lustre that seemed to last. Applied regularly over the testing period, I can now see an all round improvement in the hoof quality of my ’test pilot’. The magic pot’s use continued when used on a minor cut, which I applied after cleaning with warm water. It certainly kept the skin soft, speeding the healing process. Another benefit I have found is it has left my weathered working hands nice and soft, so much so I’m considering a little pot for inside the house! It has a wonderful smell, absorbs quickly and leaves no residues, a very versatile product and a definite must for the tack box.”

    For more information on Equine Magazine visit:


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  • WildWash is a Gift to Your Horse’s Skin and Coat

    Horse whitening gift set

    WildWash utilises natural ingredients to remedy common afflictions. Skin irritations, dandruff, mites, ticks and mange can all be treated effectively using the non- harmful, chemical free solutions WildWash have developed.

    At WildWash, we believe that animals and humans deserve the same quality cosmetics and we pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible. For every product, we provide a full ingredients list, which confirms that the products contain no parabens, phthalates, phosphates, petrochemicals, sulphates or PEGs. We use 100% pure essential oils and guarantee that none of our products have been tested on animals. This consideration and strong moral compass has earnt WildWash ethical accreditation and created countless satisfied customers.

    We have just launched our WildWash Equine Gift Sets in time for Christmas. They make the perfect gift for both horse and owner. There are four to choose from and include a shampoo, wonder balm and bug repellent. They fit perfectly in a reusable hemp WildWash Gift Bag.




  • Zara Tindall’s Top Horse Entered for The Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event

    We are all wishing Zara Tindall the best of luck for the Rolex Kentucky 3 Day Event – 27-30 April. She is riding her top horse High Kingdom aka Trev (named after his previous owner Trevor Cummings). High Kingdom is an unbelievable horse and we couldn’t be prouder that he is bathed in WildWash.

    Trev the Horse


    The pair have travelled to the US four-star previously, in 2015, but the horse was injured just before his dressage test so did not compete.


    On that occasion, High Kingdom was being tacked up about an hour before his test, when he kicked out in his stable and split the skin on his off hind on the outside of the pastern. It turned out he had penetrated the joint capsule, which had to be flushed under general anaesthetic. He did not compete again that season.


    We have all our fingers and toes crossed that they get to compete this time, Zara has the most incredible team this year and we cannot wait to watch the gorgeous pair in action.

    Trev The Horse 2


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