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  • A Fantastic Review from Equine South and a Recommendation to Team GBR!

    Equine South is a mine of information.

    Great articles, information on so many events and it even has a business directory. The good news is as well as the website they will be launching a digital magazine this winter. We will definitely be avid readers!

    Jessica Sedgwick has just tried and reviewed our WildWash Ultra Shine Shampoo and loved it, she even recommended it to Team GBR

    Jessica Sedgwick has just tried and reviewed our WildWash Ultra Shine Shampoo and loved it, she even recommended it to Team GBR, so fingers crossed! She commented:

    Functionality – Did it work?

    Yes. My horse was much cleaner, his coat was shiny and grime free!! Following our endurance ride all his kit came off grime free so it had definitely made him clean!

    To read the full review go to:

  • Success At BETA

    Wild Wash Shows Real Natural Ingedients for BETA

    We had an amazing response from exhibiting our new horse range at BETA International. We picked up a record number of new stockists for both the horse range and pet range, and we hope that WildWash will now be very easily available for our customers.

    The overall reaction to our new horse range from retailers was that the industry desperately needs a natural alternative to the traditional chemical shampoos and so they welcomed our new range.

    At the show we showcased our raw natural ingredients which make up the base of our horse shampoos which gave our new clients a chance to feel, smell and touch the Nettle, Yarrow Root, Angelica Leaf and Calendula for themselves and understand the benefits of using these ingredients as shown in the photo.

    We have launched a great series of adverts to celebrate the launch of our WildWash Horse Range and couldn’t wait to share them with you.





    We have chosen the winners to our Face of WildWash Horse Range competition and Horse magazine will be announcing the winners in their March edition.


    For more information on BETA International or Horse Magazine please visit:


  • How White Can Your Get Your Whites!!!!

    washed in our whitening WildWash Shampoo

    Before of Georgia's pony used WildWash ShampooAfter of Georgia's pony used WildWash Shampoowashed in our whitening WildWash Shampoo

    Our WildWash Horse Whitening Shampoo has been going down very well with horse owners all over the country. This is the right time of year to truly test out our whitening shampoo for our mud loving horses!!!

    Our Whitening Shampoo for Grey, Palomino and White Coats uses a blue pigment derived from the Chamomile Flower combined with Lavender and Ylang Ylang. This is a definite first and there is not another product on the market that has a natural blue shampoo for horses. This has enabled us to create an incredible natural whitener that will remove even the worst stains from the coat, mane and tail and leave the coat shiny white.

    Below are some lovely testimonial pics…. What absolutely gorgeous horses!!!

    Please keep sending in your photos, we absolutely love them.