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  • WildWash Keeps Your Dog Cleaner Longer

    Our favourite testimonial this month came from Lucy Foss at The Grooming Shed.

    “I was using Wildwash on a customer of mine a Golden Labrador that comes every 5 weeks for a bath and undercoat removal.

    On this occasion I decided to try some different shampoo for a different smell, after only 3 weeks the customer contacted me and asked if next time I could use the shampoo I usually use because he had become greasy and not very clean.  I have used Wildwash every time since.”

    We were very happy to receive this. At WildWash we are committed to 100% natural ingredients that work well with your pets skin and coat. Every pet can look and smell good after a wash, but the important test is to see how the skin and coat perform after, a few days or a few weeks. We have had a professional grooming salon for over 15 years now and have seen how numerous shampoos perform over the years. The research we put into our own brand of shampoo has been immense and stretched over years and years. We are so pleased with the finished product range and love hearing your stories and comments. Please keep sending them in.

  • The Buzz On WildWash – Baby Buzz Magazine Pet Product Review

    We are used to WildWash getting a good write up in animal magazines, but we were really happy to see it on the pages of Baby Buzz magazine, a magazine to help mothers through pregnancy and beyond.

    The reason this brought such a smile to the WildWash team was because pregnancy was how WildWash came about!

    Whilst being pregnant I carried on grooming. I was worried about the products I was using and when I looked into the products further, I realised there were no regulations for non-pharmaceutical pet products, which meant that the grooming products I used did not have to show ingredients, best before dates, have stability testing or anything. Basically they were unregulated and could well be dangerous for me to use whilst being pregnant. I did contact the manufacturers but as they didn’t have to give me any information I was none the wiser. It was at that stage that I stopped grooming, and WildWash was born!

    We were dedicated to creating a brand of Pet Shampoos and Cosmetics that were as good and if not better than a product you would be happy to use on yourself. We wanted to create a natural pet product that used the same regulations as a human product. We wanted to be totally transparent and list all our ingredients even though we didn’t have to. I think we succeeded! Thank you Baby Buzz Magazine for bringing back such a great memory. For more info visit:

    Baby Buzz Magazine gives pawsome review of WildWash Luxury Pet Shampoo Care

  • Total Grooming Features WildWash On Their Front Cover

    Total Grooming Magazine features WildWash Pet Shampoo

    We’d like to say thank you to Total Grooming for a stunning front cover this month. Total Grooming magazine have some of the most experienced names in the grooming industry who are all willing to contribute to their magazine. They write the features that groomers want to read. With the help of their contacts they have a great understanding of what groomers want in a magazine, and they keep to these guide lines. If you haven’t read it before WildWash recommends it highly. See their website more information 


    Dog Grooming Magazine Features WildWash pet deluxe shampoo

  • Dogs Monthly Magazine Features WildWash

    Dogs Monthly have tried and tested our products and have reported that they are an absolute pleasure to use. They reported dogs being clean, smelling lovely and no itching afterwards while hand remained soft and chafe-free too. For more details get this months issue at




    dogs monthly magazine article for wildwash