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  • A Wonderful Review From Dog World

    Dog World Mag UK

    We have just purchased a copy of Dog World and were very pleased to see a lovely informative review from the wonderful Geraldine Cove-Print on WildWash. We always enjoy reading her articles and this one is especially close to our hearts! Please have a read as there is so much information in there which is important to all of us that love our animals and the planet we live in! You can subscribe to Dog World online at It always make a very good read.

    wildwash article in Dog World Mag
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  • The Buzz On WildWash – Baby Buzz Magazine Pet Product Review

    We are used to WildWash getting a good write up in animal magazines, but we were really happy to see it on the pages of Baby Buzz magazine, a magazine to help mothers through pregnancy and beyond.

    The reason this brought such a smile to the WildWash team was because pregnancy was how WildWash came about!

    Whilst being pregnant I carried on grooming. I was worried about the products I was using and when I looked into the products further, I realised there were no regulations for non-pharmaceutical pet products, which meant that the grooming products I used did not have to show ingredients, best before dates, have stability testing or anything. Basically they were unregulated and could well be dangerous for me to use whilst being pregnant. I did contact the manufacturers but as they didn’t have to give me any information I was none the wiser. It was at that stage that I stopped grooming, and WildWash was born!

    We were dedicated to creating a brand of Pet Shampoos and Cosmetics that were as good and if not better than a product you would be happy to use on yourself. We wanted to create a natural pet product that used the same regulations as a human product. We wanted to be totally transparent and list all our ingredients even though we didn’t have to. I think we succeeded! Thank you Baby Buzz Magazine for bringing back such a great memory. For more info visit:

    Baby Buzz Magazine gives pawsome review of WildWash Luxury Pet Shampoo Care