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  • WildWash are proud to sponsor the Poodle Training Club Agility League

    WildWash is a very popular choice for Poodles and when we approached by the Poodle Training Club we thought it would be the perfect partnership.

    Poodles are super clever and they are amazing at agility. In fact their agility website is the biggest in the UK. Full information can be found at

    How the league works is every show our members take part in they can claim points for their clear round or places. The poodle partnership with the most points in each category is the winner. It is not limited to KC shows only but also independant shows and UKA to attract more “for fun” owners as well as the serious competitors.

    The Poodle Training Club is a fantastic not for profit organisation dedicated to creating poodle only events, seminars, shows and training days. Membership is only £3 for a whole year and includes access to all PTC events and also to the League.

    More information can be found on the PTC website:

    Poodle 2

    poodle 3

  • Come Meet Us at Crufts – The World’s Largest Dog Show!

    wildwash at crufts dog show, UK

    WildWash has been confirmed for Crufts! Come and see us in Hall 5 – Stall 186b. We are very excited for Crufts this year as lots of dogs in the ring will have been bathed in WildWash for this very special occasion. We have in-house and visiting groomers on our stand who will be available to offer help and advice, so drop by for chat. As most of our customers know our trade stalls always smell heavenly so let your noses guide you!