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  • Lollie’s Story – A Wonderful Testimonial

    Lollie's WildWash Testimonial

    At WildWash we love getting your testimonials. We all read every one as it makes us very very happy!!!!!

    This one from Lisa a professional groomer in Grimsby made us all smile:

    “I received my order on Friday. I have a blue doodle called Lollie. She is a little itchy so I went for the Shampoo for Itchy/Dry Coats. I also have a lot of dogs that I groom with sensitive skin so the Sensitive Shampoo will be perfect.

    I’ve just read your information sheets for the first time and I must say, they have changed the way I look at grooming shampoos etc. I’m converted. Lollie is a scruffy tart and went out with the ball thrower today so was green and muddy! I bathed her today in itchy and dry and there were several things that came to mind……

    •I usually dilute but think the shampoo needs to be stronger – I didn’t

    •When I bath dogs, the scent doesn’t last. I need perfume -I didn’t

    •Lollie has a thick wooly coat and takes a while to dry – she didn’t

    •My doodle stains green, brown and many other colours and takes at least two washes to get clean – she didn’t

    The last thing, I looked at the ingredients in the shampoo, lavender, manuka leaf and aloe Vera and just couldn’t place the smell I could smell but after reading your info sheet I realised that there are more oils in it …… Patchouli!!!!

    Thank you so much

    Love Lisa and lollie”

    If you are based in the Grimsby area please contact Lisa at to arrange an appointment.

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  • Nutriment Battles Keeping Shelves Fully Stocked With WildWash

    Rave Review for WildWash by Nutriment

    Some testimonials are so good you have to shout about them! This one from our very good customer Nutriment is definitely one of those. “At Nutriment, we advocate all things natural by manufacturing raw dog and cat food without any nasty colours, flavours, preservatives, grains or fillers. We are constantly looking for other products that go in line with our ethos and feel like we have struck gold with WildWash!

    Not only does it support our ethos, by not having any nasty parabens, chemicals or unnatural ingredients, but the branding is fresh and current- something that we also look at when stocking and supporting other products!

    We were slightly hesitant at first, with stocking WildWash, due to the RRP being a bit pricey, however by no means has this stopped the product from selling! Over the past couple of months we have placed a weekly order of 24 bottles and cannot keep our shelves fully stocked due to the high demand of such a quality and popular product- our team also use it on their own hair and find the conditioner to be fantastic hand cream!

    The beauty of WildWash is that the shampoo in itself is clear- so you can tell that there are no nasty ingredients in there, and with no shampoo laws out there it is hard to know what actually goes into ‘natural’ shampoo. WildWash is not only clear in it’s appearance, but also in the ingredient list. The results speak for themselves (and nice manageable soft coat, amazing smells and no risk of chemical reactions) and customers who currently buy it have been back to try the others in the range, feeding back with high praises each time!

    Not only is WildWash a fantastic product, but the team behind it are friendly, easy to work with and are always there if I wish to speak to someone for specialist advice. They are a lovely team who not only support their suppliers but also highlight other products that coincide with a dog’s or cat’s natural lifestyle.

    So thank you to everyone at WildWash for your professionalism, knowledge, friendliness and, in our opinion, the best shampoo and conditioner on the market!”

    We love you Nutriment, thank you. For anyone that hasn’t heard of Nutriment they do great raw pet food. We recommend that all animals should be fed this way. For more information visit

    Nutriment Loves WildWash Product Pet Line