Vets Love WildWash!


More and more veterinary practices are now stocking WildWash. This means so much to us as it really is recognition of the wonderful effects our products have on the animals that use it.

We have just received a mention in the Veterinary Record for our new award winning natural Flea and Bug Repellent products and we hope more and more vets will offer these natural alternatives.


To see why Vets Love WildWash have a look at these testimonials:


“Look at the difference in this boys nose after using your balm for…… well 3 weeks really.  He came 6 weeks ago with the worst nose I’ve seen…the pic really doesn’t show how bad it was.  I gave his owner a pot of balm to try.  They used it for 3 weeks and say it went back to completely normal.  They’ve just got home from a 3 week holiday so he’s had none in for 3 weeks but it’s still normal to look at….. feels dry but they’re back on the balm. Thank you from Enzo…. and me of course!”






Patrick Murphy MRCVS Northwich Vets Lostock Gralam Cheshire

Since starting to stock Wildwash Shampoos, we have found the range very easy to sell, and clients are loving their 100% natural ingredients.

The Sensitive and Itchy or Dry Coat shampoos are particularly popular and we have been getting excellent feedback on them from owners whose pets have had chronic skin issues.


Birgit Holistic Vet

Would love to find out more information about stocking your products. We are a holistic vet practice and one of our colleagues recently tried the healing paw balm which works wonders for her labrador. We currently support the pads with remedies but would love to also stock your products along with your natural shampoos. Thank you and look forward to hearing from you

Anna Ochenzen – Professional Groomer


Chandi, an Alaskan Malamute has been coming to our grooming salon for the past two years. She has suffered from excessive hair loss, resulting in bald patches, itching and sore red skin. Her owner would always bring her own shampoo, Malaseb, which her vet had prescribed for Chandi’s skin condition. Recently her condition deteriorated, to the extent that her skin was so dry and cracked that it just opened up as we touched it. She was covered in red, sore, weeping lesions and was in such pain a few weeks ago at her grooming session a few weeks ago that she became uncharacteristically aggressive, to the extent we thought we would no longer be able to groom her.

We believed that the Malaseb was actually exacerbating her condition and drying up her already fragile skin to the extent that it was breaking down. We asked Chandi’s owner, if she would cease using the Maleseb for a few weeks and we agreed we would use WildWash Sensitive on her skin. The improvement was almost immediate. We saw Chandi two weeks after her first bath with WildWash Sensitive. The red lesions had healed and the fur had started to grow back. We saw her again last week and well, she was a different dog! The fur had grown some more, and was starting to look more even as the previous bald patched were filling in, her skin was elastic again and there was no soreness or redness. She was happy to be groomed and her owner was ecstatic. She is going to talk to her vet about WildWash and hopefully persuade them to recommend WildWash Sensitive to dogs with allergies, poor skin conditions, redness, soreness, dryness and cracking instead of prescribing Maleseb which is designed to treat bacterial, fungal and yeast infections. Thank you WildWash!

I am attaching two pictures of Chandi to show what an amazing difference the wildwash shampoo has made to her coat and skin! The picture on the top is before she started using the Wildwash shampoo.

I am really pleased with the results and I think Chandi is too! I hope these pictures are helpful and if you require my help in any way with regards to supplying the Wildwash shampoo to local vets please do let me know and I will be more than happy to speak to Chandi’s vet!

Khunsha Saleem – Chandi’s Owner


Chandi before using WildWash sensitive dog shampoo professional line


Chandi, after using WildWash sensitive dog shampoo professional line